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Due to the heavy rains in Dhar district on Tuesday night, many areas have been submerged. Due to knee-deep water in people’s homes, household items are seen floating in the water. At the same time, due to water filling in the shops, traders have suffered losses.

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Due to torrential rains on Tuesday night in Bagh Nagar of Dhar district, the river drains are in spate. People’s houses have been filled with water up to their knees. Normal life is affected due to submergence of many areas. People are forced to live on the roofs due to water-logging in the houses. There is so much water in the houses that the household items of the people are seen floating in the water. Local people say that such rain has been seen after about 20 years.

sewer flood
Torrential rain started in Kukshi’s Bagh area of Dhar district from around 1:30 am on Tuesday night, which continued till around 7:00 am. In such a situation, the river drains of the city came in spate. Due to water entering the houses, the food items of the people fell prey to the rain, due to which people have suffered losses. On the other hand, due to the rain, flood situation was seen in the dirty drain located in Shimla Chowpatty of the city, due to which water entered the shops of many traders of the city. Traders have suffered loss of thousands due to the rain. The asphalting done a few days ago also could not withstand the heavy rains and the asphalt layers were uprooted. Big potholes are visible in the road.

Baghni river in spate due to heavy rains
Due to eight and a half inches of rain in a few hours, the Baghni river is in spate. The flood water is touching the bridge of the river. A large number of people are reaching to see this sight. On the other hand, traffic in the part of the city was affected for hours due to the overflow in the dirty drain, due to heavy rains, the power supply has been stopped since night, due to which the people are facing a lot of trouble. According to the residents of the area, they have seen such rain for the first time. However, the faces of the farmers have blossomed due to heavy rains.

Due to flood water coming on the bridge of the famous Badkeshwar Mahadev temple of Bagh area, the way to the temple has also been closed. The administration team is taking precautions in the area and the team is working diligently to ensure that no untoward incident takes place. According to the Meteorological Department, there has been about eight and a half inches of rain overnight.

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